PlanMyWay was founded in 2019 with the ambition of making adventure accessible to all. Even during these COVID-19 times, there is still a lot of adventure to be had and we have helped many people get away safely and confidently.

We recognise two flaws with traditional 'travel agents': 1) a lot of the time they have not been to the country they are recommending or if they had it would not be recently and 2) they are incentivised to recommend trips where they get a commission

The internet has done a great job at giving people more options and making it easier to book trips although we still believe it fails to provide the level of personalisation and simplicity that it promised.

A trip to Taiwan by founder Charles Bennett ignited this hunger for a solution. Organising a road trip around Taiwan involved evenings and weekends filled with google maps (street view to understand road quality), online forums (finding similar but outdated questions), Taiwanese websites (to find up-to-date events of interest) and government pages (to try and understand road closures). 

We are passionate about helping others have great trips in this incredible planet, finding new spots of their own and making it exciting to plan.

Whether planning a destination vacation or a trip around the world, we’ve covered it all. Whatever your travel needs are, We are here to help.

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